FIRST VISIT – your Consultation

Your first visit is a consultation and this is your opportunity to ask questions, gather information, and make choices based on Dr. Lalli’s or Dr. Higashi’s recommendations. We reserve one-hour for this in-depth consultation, and will thoroughly address your unique needs and any specific concerns.

We will review your medical history, imaging, any specialist reports, and the original referral. You will meet Dr. Lalli or Dr. Higashi and several other members of our treatment team at your consultation, and they will endeavor to answer your questions fully.  Surgery estimates can only be provided following consultation, as each patient is unique and there are many variables. 

We are unable to assess you adequately without a good diagnostic quality panoramic x-ray taken within the past 12-months. If you require a new or updated panorex x-ray, it will be taken here at your consultation. If specialized 3-D imaging is required you may be referred to an oral and maxillofacial radiology center.

If your referring dentist, specialist, or physician has taken x-rays, please ensure they are forwarded to our office at: [email protected] and that they arrive well in advance of your consultation.  Please be aware that certain imaging files (particularly 3D CBCT scans) can not be sent to us via email, due to file size or the individual software used by the referring clinic.  They prefer to send them on a USB drive, or CD with these files.

Consultation will provide information on your diagnosis, treatment options (including type of anesthetic), risks and benefits of treatment, and if the surgery can be safely completed in an ambulatory center, or the hospital.  Dependent on your health, lab work may also be required prior to surgery (ECG, INR, CTX, etc.).  Once these surgery details are finalized, we will provide exact costs. Please remember your surgery is not performed the same day as the consultation.

Once your consultation is scheduled, we require you immediately complete the online PATIENT REGISTRATION in full (within 24-hours of booking). Patient Registration is found on our website, on the main page, and is both smartphone and tablet friendly. Click on the Patient Registration Button in the center of the 1st page, and a detailed “fill-in-the-blanks” form will open for you. You can save your progress if interrupted, and return to it later the same day. Photos, or files can be attached to your registration, and patients often use this opportunity to attach a photo of their insurance, and Alberta Health Care cards. Please assist us by also bringing your Alberta Health Care card and any dental insurance to your consultation appointment.

All patients under the age of 18, must be accompanied by a parent, or legal guardian for their consultation, as well as all future appointments including surgery. 

Patient parking is free just outside of the office building.